Bottles and vases are a nice canvas for me to explore and express themes through gesture, texture and decoration.  I enjoy encrusting them with textures in keeping with my fascination of coral reefs and aquatic organisms, or decorating them to explore the cosmos or creatures on our planet. 

Many of my pieces are inspired by people I come across in my day. One of the most fertile grounds for my imagination are train stations in my travels to and from New York City.  The most interesting characters seem to board at the Brick Church Station:  big boned imposing girls who hold court the entire trip; cellphone talkers oblivious to the impact of their volume and subject matter on the rest of the car; men proud as peacocks preening and flirting, jolly chubby fellows on their way home from construction jobs, and woolen clad matrons sitting proud and prim, ramrod straight, knees together, purse in lap. All of these people make my commute entertaining and inspire me to be my own quirky self, marching to the beat of my own accordion.