Horse people tend to stick together as there are very few people other than fellow equestrians who understand the bond between a person and their horse. Everyone else thinks we're nuts.  Horses are under our skin and in our blood. We are with them in the depths of winter, in the pouring rain and when we are so sore we can hardly stand up.  We love every minute we're with them.  They live an awfully long time so they are part of our life's fabric for decades.  When one of us loses their horse, we all grieve mightily.

When 2 horses in the barn where I winter mine died it hit us all hard.  I took ashes and tail hair from each one and made urns for their owners.  Each got 2 (horses generate alot of cremains) I used the horse hair to create burnished carbon trailed urns and searched my raku recipes for glazes containing bone ash.  The results were unique to each urn and each horse.  When I look at the burnished carbon trailed urns I see horses galloping and tossing their magnificent heads.