"Echo Chamber" is a Memento Mori that contemplates how precious and confined certain aspects of our thinking have become. Thanks to algorithms and the internet our information is filtered so that we are shown only content that reinforces our current ideals and beliefs rather than exposing us to alternate opinion. This forces us into small narrow individual worlds. We have placed ourselves in gorgeous little boxes of our own precious thoughts and values with no wiggle room for compromise or alternative points of view. Social media allow us to present ourselves in only the most positive slant and surround ourselves with people who agree with everything we say and believe.

Unfortunately our political landscape reinforces these ideals. Politicians carefully orchestrate town hall meetings and surround themselves with people who only echo everything they say. To ask probing questions or present alternative solutions are viewed as acts of villainous tyranny. Compromise has become a thing of the past because extremism which in control of things, kills everything in between the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Echo Chamber
Ceramics and glass
10"h x 4-1/4" w x 3-1/2" d

Raku fired stoneware with fused iridescent glass.

SKU# LGW-217-14