In the summer of 2013, I was approached by a man who wished to have me create a set of dishes for his family that would have a sacred component to them, for the purposes of using them on Roman Catholic religious holidays.  For someone like me, this is a dream job.

I decided to create small plates that could be used for desserts with text on them, and to sprinkle a bit of holy water in the glaze.  There was alot of logistics to figure out.  I decided to use an earthenware fired to maturity with a luster glaze, stacking them in my tiny kiln such that there would be no marks from the stilts like they usually have. To ensure a smooth surface, the text would be embossed on the back and each piece would be glazed top and bottom to minimize porosity.

I asked him what he would like as text and he said for me to choose.  The next morning I awoke with the Prayer of St Francis in my head.  I pitched to him 14 plates, one for each line of the prayer.  He said that prayer was his wife's favorite and to proceed.

It was nerve wracking to fire them as they had to go in 3 loads and I worried they wouldn't look the same.  I sang the Prayer of St Francis and said alot of Hail Marys just to be on the safe side. 

The plates did not fire according to the test tile he chose.  Rather they came out a sky blue, the color associated with Mary.  I found this a good omen.  He surprised his wife with them for Christmas.  She was delighted.